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Advanced Oilfield Automation. Leading Rod Pumping Optimization Software.

Theta Oilfield Services, Inc was founded as Theta Enterprises, Inc. in 1989 and has since become the leader in Rod Pumping Optimization software and training. Theta Oilfield Services has developed diagnostic, design, pumping unit balancing, dynamometer data measurement, and smart oilfield automation software that are used by many oil companies, service companies, and rod pumping equipment supplier. Theta Oilfield Services also provides training courses and consulting services in rod pumping optimization.

Latest News And Events

25 November 2014
Released XROD 1.5.41, RODSTAR 3.6.41

New updates available for XROD 1.5.41 and RODSTAR 3.6.41. Click here to download.

As of XROD 1.5.0 and RODSTAR 3.6.0. The functionality of RODSTAR-V and RODSTAR-D have been merged into one software named RODSTAR. XROD-V have been renamed to XROD and includes the ability to design deviated wells like RODSTAR-D (newly named RODSTAR).

24 October 2014
Released XBAL 1.2.2

Updates Available. Click here to download.

12 September 2014
Released XTOOLS 1.3.0
Updates Available. Click here to download.

Upcoming Training

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Feb 2-6
Bakersfield, CA
5 Day  
Dec 9-11
Brea, CA
3 Day
2 Day
1 Day

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