A global leader in hydraulic artificial lift manufacturing, service and sales

Dover Artificial Lift - Hydraulic Lift is a global leader in hydraulic artificial lift manufacturing, service and sales. With experience dating back decades and unmatched expertise, we innovate by offering in-house manufactured equipment, well-specific engineered designs, world-class service and maintenance, and real-time optimization for hydraulic lift systems.  

Our equipment is made in the USA and used around the world. Our Odessa, Texas manufacturing center makes the full line of hydraulic jet pumps, hydraulic reciprocating pumps, the Accelerated RPump™ and the complete line of Accelerated Positive Displacement Surface Pumps. From 50-horsepower duplex pumps to 400-horsepower quintuplex pumps, we cover the full range of our customers’ hydraulic and salt-water disposal needs.

Our teams use a two-pronged methodology to optimize each hydraulic lift system’s performance. First, we customize our systems to meet each client’s goals and each well’s specific needs.  Once installed, our remote monitoring capabilities afford full system visibility and allow you to make immediate modifications to both downhole and surface equipment.  

This problem-centered and personalized approach helps us develop a customized hydraulic-lift solution for applications including high-and-low volume production, gas well dewatering, frac-water fluid recovery and well testing. In each instance, our customers maintain full visibility of producing assets and have the necessary tools to minimize their operating risk while maximizing well uptimes.


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