Chemical Management

Corrosive production fluids can quickly degrade the metal surfaces of downhole pumps, sucker rods, and other lift equipment.

Careful material selection and chemical treatment are critical to designing a lift system that can withstand corrosive attack and extend artificial-lift runtime between scheduled maintenance.

Dover Artificial Lift’s Corrosion-Resistant Lift Solutions

  • Automated and Optimized Chemical Injection. Dover Artificial Lift’s iChem automated chemical optimization solution provides unprecedented control of chemical treatment rates. Corrosion inhibitors can be precisely injected into the production stream to protect equipment from corrosive attack, without fear of over- or underdosing.  Easily integrated with existing equipment and SCADA systems, the iChem delivers more predictable protection with reduced field service and maintenance downtime. 
  • Premium Materials for Maximum Corrosion Protection. All of Dover Artificial Lift’s systems are available in premium alloys and corrosion resistant elastomers to withstand corrosive attack and ensure extended run life in wells containing high concentrations of acid gases or other corrosives.