For Dover Artificial Lift, wellsite automation and production optimization are one and the same. Our automation solutions put the well site at your fingertips, whether you’re standing right next to the wellhead or are half a world away.

Built on Theta’s XSPOC, the industry’s leading smart well management and automation platform, our automation solutions optimize field operations with an aim to:

Maximize production from each well.  Our real-time automation services pinpoint problems and provide answers to help you quickly boost well performance. We also offer automated chemical injection pumps that deliver treatment chemicals to keep paraffin, scale and corrosion under control.

Minimize lifting costs.  Our automation services and condition-based maintenance systems provide insights to track equipment performance and prioritize maintenance needs. This helps you lower costs by optimizing crew deployments and avoiding unforeseen equipment failures.

Maintain the highest standard for human and environmental safety.  From alarms and automated dispatch capabilities to condition-based maintenance and remote controlled valve actuation, our solutions reduce field crew trips to the well site.

Dover Artificial Lift knows that automation solutions must do more than remotely activate field equipment and generate reports. We are the only service provider with the tools and expertise to monitor each well, diagnose problems, and provide detailed solutions that boost production with minimal downtime.

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