Hydraulic Lift

Dover Artificial Lift - Hydraulic Lift draws on decades of experience and unparalleled expertise to deliver a full range of innovative hydraulic lift systems and services.

Manufactured in Odessa, Texas, and shipped globally, our jet pumps, hydraulic reciprocating pumps, and positive displacement surface pumps are custom-built for salt water disposal and to boost production in:  

  • Deep Wells. With no rod stress and reduced fluid cooling issues, our hydraulic pumps are the deep well champions for 35 years and counting. 
  • Deviated Wells. We can deliver an effective hydraulic pump in deviated wells with tubing. 
  • Frac Fluid Recovery. Removing post-frac fluids quickly is key to reducing formation damage. Our jet pump can effectively produce high volumes of fluid (up to 4000 BPD), including sand.
  • High Solid Content Wells. With no moving parts to suffer sand or solids damage, our jet pump provides a simple, low-cost solution for the life of the well. 
  • Remote and Urban Locations. Self-contained hydraulic pumping units can be run on the natural gas produced by the source well, which eliminates the need for an electrical source.  
  • Multiple Zones. When used with a packer, hydraulic pumps are a perfect solution for testing and operating in multiple zones. 

Dover Artificial Lift – Hydraulic Lift’s unrivaled design, manufacturing, service and maintenance deliver hydraulic pumping units that are:

  • Hydraulically Retrievable. The downhole pump can be retrieved by simply reversing fluid flow, eliminating the downtime and costs of wireline or workover rigs. 
  • Unitized and Portable. Dover Artificial Lift Units are self-contained and easily installed into the flow line with simple set up and reconfiguration procedures. 
  • Durable and Low Maintenance. Dover Artificial Lift Hydraulic Pumps are rugged, have long lives, and are typically field repairable, cutting the replacement costs associated with other forms of artificial lift. 

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