Downhole Equipment

PCS Ferguson’s Plunger Lift downhole equipment includes the industry’s widest array of plungers, bumper springs and other equipment to ensure optimal production rates in all types of well conditions.

We offer the broadest selection of plungers in the industry.

  • The First Responder Two-Piece Plungers provide a viable solution for high-flowing wells. Both plungers make more trips with faster fall times, achieving continuous fluid removal with little or no shut-in time.
  • For flowing wells with high gas or liquid volume and wells in the early stages of liquid loading, our Flow-Thru™ and Bypass Plungers fall against flow so that the well can continue production as the plunger works. It often helps wells achieve a significant increase in daily production.
  • For wells producing heavy liquids or with high levels of liquid loading, the Liquid Aeration Plungers lift and remove liquids efficiently and at high velocities. It achieves this through a turbulent aeration, or bubbling effect, produced by the transfer of gas up through the plunger. This innovative plunger reduces shut-in time, decreases fall times and can increase production by at least one cycle per day.
  • In high-gas, paraffin-prone wells, our Solid Plungers have grooves that cut through paraffin, sand or salt to enable faster fall times.  For wells producing sand, salt and coal fines, our self-cleaning Sand Plungers can travel in the well when other plungers slow down or get stuck.  These plungers allow gas to travel through them, clearing away sand in the process and allowing efficient travel along the well. 
  • And our Brush Plungers incorporate a flexible nylon brush that removes accumulated sand or coal fines from the tubing wall, while creating an effective seal that adapts to deviations in the tubing.
  • Our Shock Absorber plungers use a durable, built-in Viton bumper string that allows more flow by reducing downhole restrictions while lowering costs for scale treatments or wireline. 
  • In low-volume wells with tubing deviations, our Pad Plungers create a consistent seal through a patented locking system that overcomes deviations in the tubing’s size and shape.
  • Our patented Smart Plunger® gives you a virtual downhole picture of the well, providing new insight for analysis and opportunities for optimization.  You can easily and cost-effectively conduct common well tests and perform well diagnostics with no special training, no need for a wireline rig and minimal interruption to production.

The Multi-Stage Tool boosts plunger lift efficiency in deep wells with low production volumes or low gas-to-liquid ratios. Its innovative design effectively creates multiple plunger lift systems in one well, which lift the liquid in stages and make more efficient use of the well’s own energy to remove fluids. The tool has been effectively deployed in packer, slim-hole, liner, openhole and tapered string wells, each time providing a cost-effective lift method when a single plunger lift is not sufficient.

Our Bottom Hole Bumper Springs protect the plunger and downhole tubing equipment from damage by absorbing the impact of the plunger as it lands at the bottom of the well. Easily installed via wireline or simply dropped from the surface, bumper springs minimize downhole restrictions that may lower production rates.


PCS Ferguson Liquid Aeration Plunger

PCS Ferguson Spiral Bar Stock Liquid Aeration Plunger

PCS Ferguson Smart Plunger

First Responder Plunger

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