Plunger Lift Automation

The PCS Ferguson 8000 Series® Controllers by Dover Artificial Lift can manage virtually all the facilities on your site. Combining the smarts of our proven algorithms with the flexibility of a programmable logic controller (PLC), the 8000 Series Controllers allow you to manage your asset by exception and allocate manpower where it’s needed most.

The 8000 Series Controllers are the backbone of the Dover Artificial Lift - Automation solution and are built on an open architecture. The controllers easily integrate with gas measurement, host systems, and other third-party devices. This powerful and flexible system gives you true supervisory control at the well head as well as remote monitoring and control of tank levels, chemical injection, gas volumes, pressures, temperatures, flow rates, compressor set points, and more.


Electronic controllers open and close the motor valve based on time, pressure, or flow rate, while providing data to help optimize production rates. PCS Ferguson provides a plunger lift controller for every production scenario.

The AutoCycle™ Controller uses patented algorithms to monitor plunger performance and automatically adjust time settings as needed. Ideally suited for plunger lift wells with packers or with fluctuating line pressure, the AutoCycle has control modes for gas-assisted plunger lift, annular flow and PECL control capabilities. And the AutoCycle iC Controller is engineered to provide reliable control and communications for remote, difficult-to-access wells—affording access to well conditions from anywhere and at any time.

The modular LiquiLift III™ Controller is a menu-driven, intuitive and flexible system. It can be used as a single, dual or triple valve plunger lift controller, or as a gas lift controller with one or two valves.

PCS Legacy Series Controllers have provided economical and easy-to-use control services for more than 20 years. The PCS 1000®, PCS 1000J® and PCS 2000® Controllers are robust, proven systems for wells with stable production levels and for unloading liquids from gas wells.

The PCS 3000® Controller is a self-managing system that uses real-time casing, tubing ad line pressure data to inform automatic adjustments for improved production in wells with fluctuating sales line pressure, wells with packers or in remote locations.

The PCS High-Low™ Controller is an eco-friendly, ‘no-bleed’ controller ideal for protecting downstream equipment and the environment from extreme changes. It’s ideally suited for applications requiring separator high-low control, compressor by-pass control and safety on-off control.

The High-Low Timer™ Controller is a time-based version that effectively combines the features of the PCS 1000 Controller with the safety attributes of the PCS High-Low Controller. 


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