GENESIS Integrated Variable Frequency Drive

The SPIRIT Genesis Integrated Variable Frequency Drive is ideal for efficiently controlling artificial lift AC motors. The drive uses innovative technology to convert AC line power to a controlled, variable AC waveform output. Frequency and voltage of the output are regulated to deliver the necessary motor speed and torque for optimum system performance. The variable waveform significantly reduces energy consumption of the motor and enhances the efficiency of the pumping system.

When used in conjunction with the Genesis Intelligent Asset Manager™, the motor speed and torque can be further refined by utilization of the downhole pump fillage control.

The drive can operate as a stand-alone unit tied into existing pump off controllers (POCs) but is also offered as a Genesis integrated unit and comes with an unmatched 2-year full replacement warranty that includes coverage for lightening strikes and power surges.

Other features and benefits:

  • Enhanced Speed Control Options offer five speed control settings instead of two
  • Proven Energy Savings
  • Plug-and-play design
  • Requires No Resistor Bank
  • Patented Regenerative Algorithms
  • Advanced Pump Fillage Control Algorithms.

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